La San Marco 100E Espresso Machine 

An Italian myth...

...a pleasure without borders

Aggressive look and metallic colours: these are the main aesthetic characteristics of 100 series that highlight lines originality and design unicity. Metallic colours (anthracite, grey, red and sky blue) and satiny finishing match perfectly. 

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Series 100 adapts a thermosiphonic circulation system with pre-infuser and flow variator. The flow variator (adjustable directly from outside the machine body) gives the possibility to modify the brewing temperature in every group with relation to the used coffee blend without changing the temperature in the boiler and therefore the capacity to produce hot water and steam.



• models: from 1 to 4 groups

• 6 programmable coffee doses for every group with semiautomatic function

• lighting bar indicating coffee brewing

• 2 programmable water doses with semiautomatic function

• mixer regulating water temperature

• single group temperature setting by flow variator


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Boncafé present the one-and-only 100E, an unrivalled espresso coffee machine in Hong Kong from premium Italian brand La San Marco. Made in Italy, La San Marco’s 100E series invites you to experience the art of pure Italian coffee to upgrade your cafes and restaurants in Hong Kong.

La San Marco are an iconic commercial coffee machine brand and for great reason. With the highly advanced and expedient 100E Series, baristas are provided complete control. Alter the temperature in each group for a flawless cup of great-tasting Italian Coffee in Hong Kong, and revel in the benefits of a superior thermosiphon circulation system, a pre-infuser and a flow variator. The flow variator can be directly adjusted from the outer body, which allows you to modify the brewing temperature in every group without changing the temperature in the boiler. Thus, this enables you to produce hot water and steam.

This espresso coffee machine is exclusively available in Hong Kong in different designs and colors. The La San Marco 100E boasts an ultra-modern chic design and a sleek metallic color (anthracite, grey, red or sky blue), complete with the perfect satin finish.

Key Features:

• Comes in a standard semiautomatic model, electronic with 1 to 4 group models, and also the 100 Sprint E/S model 2 groups – view the full collection here.

• Savour exceptional quality Italian coffee in Hong Kong with 6 semi-automatic functions for the perfect programmable water dosage.

• Perfectly brew your coffee as the 100E’s bold lighting bar clearly indicates the functions belonging to this espresso machine.

• Choose from 2 programmable water doses, complete with a semiautomatic function.

• Regulate water temperature with the 100E’s custom-built mixer to ensure the perfect cup of Italian coffee at your catering businesses in Hong Kong.

• Opt for a single group temperature setting, displayed on the flow variator of this machine.

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