How to Describe A Cup of Coffee?


How to Describe A Cup of Coffee?

Coffees are usually discussed by:

■ Roasts – Light, Medium light, Medium, Dark, and Darkest
■ Region – Columbian, Costa Rican, Ethiopian, Guatemala, Jamaican Blue Mountain, Java, etc.
■ Fragrance - the smell of ground coffee (e.g. floral, spicy, fruity, winery, woody, nutty or earthy etc.)
■ Aroma - the smell of coffee after adding hot water (e.g.floral, spicy, fruity, winery, sweety, earthy or nutty etc.)
■ Flavour - the taste characteristics (e.g. fruity, sour, bitter, rich or balanced etc)
■ Body - the tactile feeling of the coffee in the month (e.g. full, thick, balanced, buttery or thin etc.)
■ Acidity - the sharpness and liveliness of the acidity (e.g. sharp, thin, flat, mild, or neutral etc.)
■ Aftertaste - overall impression of the coffee remains in the month

Here are some vocabularies to describe the taste and aroma of a cup of coffee:  

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