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BonNitro 氮氣冷萃咖啡機
BonNitro Cold Brew Coffee Dispenser

將氮氣 (N2/N2O) 注入冷萃咖啡,讓咖啡產生天然甜味及清爽感覺,令口感變得綿密細滑,如啤酒般帶有一層厚厚泡沫,令口感層次昇華。

Create a sweet and refreshing taste of your coffee by infusing nitrogen gas (N2/N2O). Allowing you to enjoy cold coffee with a foamy texture like beer. 
It’s time to brew your creative nitro drinks! It could be applied to other beverages like tea, oat milk and juice.

1. 以1.5公升冷水浸泡100克研磨咖啡粉,放入雪櫃冷藏18-24小時

2. 浸泡後,隔去咖啡渣。將冷泡咖啡倒入BonNitro 飲料桶中

3. 注入氮氣 (N2O)後搖衡,即可製作成厚滑的氮氣冷泡咖啡

1. Soak 100g of ground coffee with 1500ml cold water. Refrigerate it for 18-24 hours

2. Remove the coffee grounds and pour the cold brew coffee into the BonNitro keg

3. Inject the nitro gas (N2O) into the coffee and shake it well. Enjoy the sweet and foamy nitro cold brew coffee!

1. 以1200毫升水溶解300克BonMatcha抹茶粉,攪拌混合後放入雪櫃冷藏3小時

2. 將冷藏後的抹茶倒入BonNitro飲料桶中,注入氮氣搖衡後備用

3. 將冰塊放入杯中,加入半杯鮮奶,再注入半杯氮氣抹茶即可享用

1. Dissolve 300g BonMatcha powder with 1200ml water, stir it well and store it into fridge for 3 hours

2. Pour the cold matcha into BonNitro keg, inject the nitro gas (N2O) and shake it well

3. Put some ice into a cup. Add 1/2 cup of milk and top it up with nitro matcha.

1. 以1.5公升冷水浸泡10個Brodies野莓蜜桃茶茶包(2g)

2. 將容器放入雪櫃冷藏6小時

3. 將冷泡野莓蜜桃茶倒入BonNitro飲料桶中。注入氮氣 (N2O),搖衡後即可享用清爽的氮氣冷泡野莓蜜桃茶

1. Put 10pcs of Brodies Raspberry & Peach tea bags into the container, then pour in 1500ml cold water

2. Refrigerate the cold brew tea for 6 hours

3. Pour the cold brew tea into BonNitro keg. Inject the nitro gas (N2O) and shake it well. Enjoy the refreshing cold brew Raspberry & Peach tea!


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