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掛耳式滴漏咖啡 (100% 阿拉比卡)
Drip Coffee Bag (100% Arabica)
Freshly Roasted in Hong Kong |  香港新鮮烘焙

Segafredo Zanetti 最新推出的掛耳式滴漏咖啡包為你帶來新鮮濃香的咖啡體驗。輕攜式獨立包裝更可方便各位用家隨時隨地都輕鬆享用到一杯美味的咖啡。

The NEW Segafredo Zanetti Drip Coffee Bag offers a convenient way to enjoy fresh-tasting delicious and aromatic coffee anytime, anywhere with portable single-serve design.

採用 100% 阿拉比卡咖啡豆,於香港本地新鮮烘焙。獨特咖啡的天然甜味,帶有濃郁焦糖、黑朱古力風味,尾段更有紅茶般的餘韻。

烘焙度: 深度烘焙
咖啡豆源: 埃塞俄比亞、哥倫比亞、巴西、巴布亞新幾內亞

Freshly Roasted in Hong Kong with 100% Arabica coffee. Complex sweetness in flavor with hints of caramel and dark chocolate, with black tea aftertaste.

Roasting Level: Dark Roast
Coffee Origin: Ethiopia, Colombia, Brazil, Papua New Guinea


產品現於 HKTVmall 正式發售
The product is now available in HKTV mall



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