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Classic Medium Roast Coffee Beans

Our coffee is sourced from premium organic growing regions and roasted fresh in the heart of Melbourne. Both the dry and wet aromas are earthy and floral. This medium roast blend has a smooth and rich body, balanced mouth feel with subtle pleasant floral notes and a hint of dried plum at the aftertaste. You’ll also notice licorice and white pepper aromas, followed by a crisp pear flavor and lingering notes of fresh grass and barley.

Origin: Peru, Ethiopia

Aroma: Jasmine, Blueberry, Pear, Barley


Espresso Dark Roast Coffee Beans

The Espresso is a darker roast created in response by fans of the Classic seeking a stronger blend. Expect a delicious dry aroma of earthy moss and smoked nuts. This is a strong, robust blend with a full body. A lively acidity sparkles on the cheek, evenly balancing with earthy notes of malt, dark chocolate and blackberry on the finish.
Origin: Peru, Columbia and Ethiopia.


Decaff Medium Roast Coffee Bean

Bean Ground & Drunk’s award winning organic decaffeinated roast injects subtle nutty flavours with a full-bodied toffee finish using the pure Swiss Water Process, perfect for preserving the natural aromas and essence of unadulterated coffee.

Origin: Peru


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