【Cold Knowledge of Coffee | Four Major Professional Coffee Terms】


The aroma and taste you experience in coffee. The types of flavors are very diverse, ranging from floral, lemon to blueberry, chocolate to smoky. Flavor is one of the important indicators for measuring coffee quality, and everyone's perception of flavor is also different. There are some flavor wheels that can help you interpret the taste you are tasting.

Aroma is also an important indicator for evaluating coffee quality. It refers to the fragrance emitted by the coffee, which can be used to describe the overall feeling of a certain type of coffee, including floral, fruity, chocolate, vanilla, malty, rich, spicy, etc.

Acidity is the most commonly misunderstood term in coffee, and it has nothing to do with pH value. It makes high-quality coffee shine and prevents its taste from being flat and monotonous. Different coffee beans have different acidity, and depending on the altitude, some coffee has higher acidity, while others have lower acidity. Acidity does not have a taste, but you can imagine the mouth feeling when you are eating berry fruits or drinking lemon water.

The mouthfeel and texture after drinking coffee, also called after-taste. The changes in body can be divided into light and thin like water, medium, high, fatty, and even some Indonesian coffee can be as thick as syrup. Body is also an important indicator for evaluating coffee quality, and it can provide you with a full mouthfeel enjoyment that lingers in your mouth for a while.


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