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  • 2024 Top 10 Best Professional / Commercial Coffee Machines for Businesses


    Discover the best commercial coffee machines in 2024 for your business with Boncafé.

  • Enjoying Café-Quality Coffee at Home | Top Recommended Ground Coffee - Boncafé


    Do you want to savour the taste of coffee? Actually, you can taste high quality coffee at home. This article presents a curated list of selected coffee beans and ground coffee recommendations to help you recreate the flavor of aromatic and robust coffee at home. Learn more!

  • How to Choose the Best Fully Automated Coffee Machine?


  • 【Beverage Recipe | Torani ❄️Iced Chocolate Hazelnut Latte ❄️】


    A smooth and creamy chocolate hazelnut drink with the splendid addition of crushed chocolate and espresso is the ideal drink to unwind under the hot summer.

  • 【Cold Knowledge of Coffee | How much do you know about


    Extraction is the process of dissolving flavor and aroma compounds from ground coffee beans after roasting and grinding. When coffee is brewed, substances are extracted from the coffee grounds into the water.

  • [Coffee Fun Fact | How Different Altitudes Affect Coffee Flavor]


    Why do some coffee enthusiasts seek out high-altitude coffee?

  • 【Beverage Recipe | Torani ❄️Iced Caramel Latte❄️】


    On a hot summer day~ You need a cold and sweet drink to instantly cool down and relieve the heat. If you like sweet coffee☕, you can try using syrup instead of regular white or brown sugar, or use sugar-free syrup, which can make your coffee more fragrant, sweet, and rich.

  • 【Coffee Capsules】 Highly Popular Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules Recommendations


    Many people enjoy brewing coffee at home using coffee capsules, indulging in the taste of life. This time, we are here to recommend our highly popular Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules, allowing you to easily brew delicious coffee at home that rivals those from coffee shops.

  • 【Cold Knowledge of Coffee | Four Major Professional Coffee Terms】


  • Visit Boncafé at Hofex Hong Kong 2023


    Boncafé will be exhibited in Hall 1B - A17, promotes the incorporation of cafés into shopping malls & commercial buildings, mass merchandise retail shops and spa & gyms, to capitalise on the parallels between food and lifestyle.

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